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The Team

GoGIN project core team

Bertrand Demez

Project coordinator

Bertrand Demez has a wide maritime experience (command, maritime safety and security, joint command, external operations, multiculturalism, passion …) gained during 37 years in the French Navy. As Chief of Staff of the Naval Task Force in Brest, he coordinated the deployments in the Gulf of Guinea and the North Indian Ocean; he was joint deputy and marine advisor to the Commander of the French Forces in Djibouti in support of ATALANTA operation, and deputy operations officer of the maritime prefect for the English Channel-North Sea where he broadened his skills to the full spectrum of the maritime safety and security.

He has been coordinating the GoGIN project since October 2018.

“What I remember from this career is that there is no virtuoso, but people who want and know how to work together in the way of the mission to achieve. The rest is only secondary.”

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Eric Glotin

Regional coordinator West Africa

After 25 years of carrier within the French Navy, Eric Glotin has been serving the European Union since 2011 through projects related to maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea. He was the training manager of the CRIMGO project, until 2016, then adviser to the Regional Center for Maritime Safety of West Africa (CRESMAO) and now regional coordinator of the GoGIN project for West Africa. Eric is based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, and ensures the daily representation of the project on the ground and mentors the daily work of the maritime centers of the Architecture of Yaounde.

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Christophe Girin

Central Africa Regional Coordinator

Christophe Girin joined the GoGIN team in May 2019, to replace Thomas Tarrade as acting regional coordinator for Central Africa. He is now embedded in the Regional Centre for Maritime Security in Central Africa (CRESMAC), in Pointe Noire, and carries out various missions in the area.

Christophe Girin, who entered the French Navy in 1979, had the opportunity to lead a varied career and sail around the world. For 12 years, he has been working with Central Africa, either in the Directorate for Security and Defense Cooperation of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs or in the field. Christophe served in Cameroon for a total of 8 years, 4 of which he spent as a direct advisor of the Navy chief of staff.

Nuno Monica

Technical Coordinator

Nuno Mónica served for more than 28 years in the Portuguese Navy. After a long period devoted to the training of Portuguese sailors, he carried out functions close to the maritime authority during the last years of his career.

In 2013, Nuno joined the European CRIMGO project as a short-term expert for various training sessions and exercises. He joined the GoGIN project in June 2017, and since October 2018, he is the technical coordinator of the project. A position which leads him to coordinate the action plan implementation and the activity of the experts in charge of academic training, exercises, organisational engineering, IT and systems of information management and maritime data.

François Marty

Exercise Manager

Employed as an expert in maritime safety and security by Expertise France since 2014, François Marty has been Exercise Manager within GoGIN project since September 2018.

His professional experience is based on an initial career of 37 years in the French Navy, including 20 years as an officer, followed by 5 years of work in Africa, for the benefit of the Directorate for Security and Defence Cooperation (military cooperant officer and trainer in the ASECMAR project).

François was in turn navigator, pilot (of ships), commander of navy units, operating officer of large units, manager, instructor (but also often trainee), head of Antipol service, diver, etc. He brings to the project life skills based on multidisciplinary, pragmatism, and respect of team work.

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Sérgio Bryton

Information Sharing Manager

Former Portuguese Navy Commander, Sérgio has over 25 years of professional experience in the maritime domain and in information technologies. He has been an engineer, researcher, manager, lecturer and mariner in national and international prestigious organizations.

Sérgio has a degree in Naval Military Sciences, a specialization in Informatics, an MSc in Informatics and an international PhD in Nautical Engineering, Marine and Naval Radioelectronics in the area of interoperability and interagency information exchange.

Sérgio joined GoGIN in October 2018, where he is in charge of designing and setting up the information sharing tools between the maritime centres of the Yaounde architecture.

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Marta Chantal Ribeiro

Legal expert

Marta Chantal Ribeiro is assistant professor (with tenure) at the Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Porto (Portugal) and she is the coordinator of the law of the sea research group of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR, University of Porto). She holds a master in European integration and a PhD on Law of the Sea. Since 2002, her international career has been developed through the publication of diversified academic papers, writing of legal reports and keynote talks at conferences, as well as in organizing scientific meetings, editing publications and participating, with leadership responsibilities, in key international projects. She has a long experience of cooperation and capacity building with Timor Leste and, more recently, with several countries of the Gulf of Guinea region on matters related with maritime security and law of the sea. Marta Chantal joined the GoGIN project in March 2018 as key legal expert.

More on Marta curriculum

Yvonnick Lanoë

Methodological support

Yvonnick Lanoë, founding President of the company “TPE-29-Accompagnement” advises the small and medium enterprises on operational management, development, management and work organisation. Since November 2018, he is coaching the Yaoundé architecture centres in their strategy and organization.

After 15 years as seafarer then petty officer, he became an officer of the technical and administrative Navy corps. From 1990 to May 2014, Yvonnick was responsible for the budget execution of the Naval Staff and then Director of finance & administration at the support group of the Brest-Lorient base; in these positions he has developed skills in public finance and accounting, management of organizations and logistics of naval MCO and public procurement.

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Jean-Philippe Picquart

Monitoring & evaluation manager

Jean-Philippe Picquart served for 27 years as a naval officer. He gained practical maritime security experience in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean during the first 15 years of his career. His second career has been geared towards steering for the benefit of senior maritime authorities, notably for the benefit of the Maritime Prefect of the Atlantic from 2008 to 2014.

He joined GoGIN in May 2017 as monitoring & evaluation manager of the project. He served as interim project coordinator from June to December 2018, before resuming his initial duties, and from now with the role of strategic advisor.

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Isabelle Gachie Vinson

Communication and visibility expert

Isabelle Gachie Vinson, geographer by education, has a dual expertise in project management and information-communication.

After 20 years of international consulting in information and communication (in her own consultancy office and at Egis-Bdpa), she left in 2005 to manage Cite, the main information and support center for very small enterprises in Madagascar. Since 2012, she offers her dual expertise to public and private bodies and European projects.

Since 2013, Isabelle has been responsible for the communication of projects belonging to the Critical Maritime Routes programme (Marsic, Crimgo, Crimario and GoGIN). From May 2019, she has been managing GoGIN’s presence in social networks and in the media, monitors and coordinates the publication of various materials (Website, newsletter, video, fact sheets, etc.).

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Support team

Serge Courrier

Consultant in information watch, webmastering, editorial and social strategy

Consultant and trainer, former journalist, Serge Courrier intervenes with the project GoGIN to optimize the information monitoring processes, technical webmastering, SEO and pollination of EU CRIMARIO on networks and social media.

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