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The Team

GoGIN project core team

Jean-Philippe Picquart

Team leader

Jean-Philippe Picquart served for 27 years as a naval officer. He gained practical maritime security experience in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean during the first 15 years of his career. His second career has been geared towards steering for the benefit of senior maritime authorities, notably for the benefit of the Maritime Prefect of the Atlantic from 2008 to 2014.

He joined GoGIN in May 2017 as monitoring & evaluation manager of the project. He served as interim project coordinator from June to December 2018, before resuming his initial duties, and with the role of strategic advisor. Since 15 June 2021, he has taken up the position of team leader.

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Gilles Chehab

Head of Capacity Building component

Gilles Chehab is the capacity building component manager of GoGIN since September 2021.

As a former naval officer, Gilles was recently the commanding officer of the Maritime Information Cooperation & Awareness Center (MICA Center) where, for three years, he worked to support voluntary naval cooperation while developing communication tools adapted to the fight against insecurity in the world’s maritime spaces. Among other things, he acquired a fine expertise of the security situation in the Gulf of Guinea through his co-direction of the Maritime Domain Awareness for Trade – Gulf of Guinea (MDAT-GoG).

Prior to this, Gilles has gained a rich and diverse experience in many capacities such as commanding officer of naval units, course director, training officer in the “Force d’Action Navale” or department head on warships. He has 28 years of sailing experience.

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Christophe Deldique

Expert YARIS Organisation & Process

Christophe Deldique joined the GoGIN project in summer 2019 as training manager, and since 20 August 2021, he supports the maritime centres for adapting YARIS process to their own operational organisation. Physicist and a retired naval commander, he has more than 29 years in the French naval forces to his credit.

His expertise covers several areas: maritime governance and crisis management, human resources management, education and pedagogy, quality and safety. He gained a wide and rich experience thanks to his various positions and missions: Director of the French naval base in Djibouti and collaboration with the Coast Guard and the National Navy of Djibouti; Director of the control and surveillance chain for the Atlantic seaboard and of the Brest underwater navigation school; Missile “nuclear security” officer on board submarines, auditor-inspector to the Nuclear Safety Delegate of the Defence and finally project manager to the nuclear weapons inspector.

Christophe provides the GoGIN project and its partners with his in-depth practice of maritime security operations, crisis management and his taste for teaching.

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Sérgio Bryton

Head of Information Systems and Security

Former Portuguese Navy Commander, Sérgio has over 25 years of professional experience in the maritime domain and in information technologies. He has been an engineer, researcher, manager, lecturer and mariner in national and international prestigious organizations.

Sérgio has a degree in Naval Military Sciences, a specialization in Informatics, an MSc in Informatics and an international PhD in Nautical Engineering, Marine and Naval Radioelectronics in the area of interoperability and interagency information exchange.

Sérgio joined GoGIN in October 2018, where he is in charge of designing and setting up the information sharing tools between the maritime centres of the Yaounde architecture.

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Isabelle Gachie Vinson

Communication and visibility expert

Isabelle Gachie Vinson, geographer by education, has a dual expertise in project management and information-communication.

After 20 years of international consulting in information and communication (in her own consultancy office and at Egis-Bdpa), she left in 2005 to manage Cite, the main information and support center for very small enterprises in Madagascar. Since 2012, she offers her dual expertise to public and private bodies and European projects.

Since 2013, Isabelle has been responsible for the communication of projects belonging to the Critical Maritime Routes programme (Marsic, Crimgo, CRIMARIO and GoGIN). From May 2019, she has been managing GoGIN’s presence in social networks and in the media, monitors and coordinates the publication of various materials (Website, newsletter, video, fact sheets, etc.).

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António Ribeiro

IT Expert – Applications and Data

Former Portuguese Navy Commander, António Ribeiro has over 35 years of professional experience in the maritime domain and in information technologies. He has been an engineer and worked several years in naval simulation training and in Portuguese navy IT directorate.

António has a degree in Electronics and telecommunications engineer and was part of several projects in maritime situational awareness in Portugal and NATO. António was responsible for the technical aspect of multiple projects that focused on the development and application of maritime technologies.

António joined GoGIN in August 2021, where he is in charge of maintenance and development of the information sharing tools between the maritime centres of the Yaounde architecture.

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Olivier Bichon

Expert Capacity Building

Before joining the GoGIN projet in October 2021, Olivier Bichon studied at the Civilian Maritime School for merchant vessels and served in the French Navy for 26 years in the security and safety domain.

All along his different assignments in various civilian and navy organisations, such as shore signal stations, MRCC, MOC, international headquarters, he developed an expertise in Maritime Domain Awareness analysis. At the Naval academy, he developed skills in teaching MDA, which was used during his deployments in Lebanon and Africa for the benefit of theirs navies in the protection and surveillance of their maritime domain.

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Guillaume Rémusat

Expert Capacity Building

Guillaume Rémusat served for 34 years in the French Army. He was particularly involved in multinational or french operations in the Balkans, Africa, Middle East and Afghanistan. Graduated of the Joint Defense College in 2003, he was appointed in different joint operational staffs the last 15 years of his career. In 2008-2009, he was the Chief of Planning and Programmes at the Indian Ocean Joint Zone Commander’s Staff.

In 2015, Guillaume created his company Azimut 200 to put his operational experience at the service of the civilian world. He has been associated with the EU CRIMARIO project since 2017 and GoGIN since 2019 as an expert in the field of training and strenghthening State agencies bordering the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea involved in security of their maritime domains.

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Training Experts

YARIS certified instructors

A pool of trainers contracted by the GoGIN project is conducting the courses and the training both on-site and remotely. They are partnered by trainers of the Yaoundé Architecture’s centres, including ICC, CRESMAO and CRESMAC.

Each of the trainers has several years of experience in the Navy in operational positions. With a very good knowledge of the Gulf of Guinea countries, they have all gained skills in training and courses, which they will use to coach the staff of the Gulf of Guinea maritime centres in their daily use of the YARIS tool.

By alphabetic order: Björn Beirens, Yaho Olivier Combes, Alain Di Maio, Frédéric Dupont, Jean-François Eon, François Marty, François Morizur, Patrice Pauly.