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annonce conféence nigéria

Nigeria hosts the global maritime security conference

The maritime domain of the Gulf of Guinea is of major geostrategic, economic and social importance. The insecurity is still very strong and endangers...
Pirat attack in the Gulf of Guinea

Seafarers Must Adapt to the Rapid Evolution of Piracy

In two recent articles, Sea Piracy in 2025: Piracy 2.0? and Countering Gulf of Guinea Piracy Towards 2025 I tried to map out the...

Senegal Seizes 750 Kilos of Cocaine in Shipments Set for Europe

Senegal seized 750 kilos (1,650 pounds) of cocaine Sunday on a ship traveling from Brazil, hidden inside 15 cars with final destinations that included...

Pirates of the Gulf of Guinea: A Cost Analysis for Coastal States

Pirate groups concentrated in the Niger Delta earn perhaps $5 million of direct income per year through theft and hostage-taking. The majority of...

Pirates of the Niger Delta: between brown and blue waters

A study on maritime piracy has been carried out by the Global Maritime Crime Programme of the United Nations Office on Drugs and...
Symposium Maritime Security June 2019

Recommandations of Symposium on maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea

When piracy or armed robbery happen at sea, seafarers are on the frontline, at risk of being injured, assaulted, taken hostage or killed....

Sea Piracy in 2025: Piracy 2.0?

by François Morizur. Pirates have demonstrated their ability to revise their modes of operation in response to maritime industry behavior and the responses...