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The Gulf of Guinea Inter-regional Network

Symposium Maritime Security June 2019

Recommandations of Symposium on maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea

When piracy or armed robbery happen at sea, seafarers are on the frontline, at risk of being injured, assaulted, taken hostage or killed....
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Chiefs of Naval of Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Gendarmerie of...

Accra, 25th July 2019.The Chiefs of Naval staff of Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Sierra Leone as well as the Chief of Coast Guard...

Africa’s prosperity is tied to its oceans and seas

A major strength of Africa’s 2016 Lomé Charter on maritime security and development is its recognition that no country can singlehandedly prevent maritime...
Pirat attack in the Gulf of Guinea

Countering Gulf of Guinea Piracy Towards 2025

By François Morizur. In a recent article, I tried to foresee the form that piracy in the Gulf of Guinea could take over...
G7++ 2019 Bruxelles 2

G7++ Group of Friends of the Gulf of Guinea meets in Brussels

France and Ghana, with the support of the European Commission and the European External Action Service, are organizing a technical meeting on 2 July...

Why the EU needs to be a global maritime security provider?

27/01/2021 - On 25 January we launched the first pilot of the new Coordinated Maritime Presences (CMP) concept in the Gulf of Guinea...
G7 Bruxelles 2 juillet 2019

France Ghana Chair of G7++ FoGG met in Brussels on 2nd July 2019

The G7++ Friends of the Gulf of Guinea Group (FoGG) met on Tuesday, 2 July in Brussels, co-chaired by France and Ghana with the...

MICA Center annual report on worldwide maritime piracy and robbery

For the second consecutive year, the Maritime Information Cooperation & Awareness Center (MICA Center) publishes an annual review of maritime piracy and robbery events....