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The Gulf of Guinea Inter-regional Network

Appui méthodo au CRESMAO juin 2019

CRESMAO supported in its rise of power

The CRESMAO (Regional Center for Maritime Security of West Africa) based in Abidjan is one of the two regional centers for maritime security defined...
Formation CMC-MMCC Ghana juillet 2019

Ghana maritime agencies trained together in managing the maritime security information

In support of the development of the MMCC zone F (Accra, Ghana), the MMCC director, Commander Kanguli Benning, requested the GoGIN project to provide...

GoGIN supports the Directors of Yaounde Architecture regional centres

The coordinator Bertrand Demez and two regional managers, Eric Glotin and Christophe Girin, attended the Directors meeting of the 3 regional centres of Yaoundé...

How naval forces can contribute to maritime stability and security?

Bertrand Demez, GoGIN project coordinator, attended the 12th Regional Seapower Symposium, organised by the Italian Navy within the Venice arsenal from October 15th to...
Remise rapport d'organisation du Cresmac

The GoGIN project supports the development of CRESMAC

CRESMAC (Regional Centre of Maritime Security in Central Africa), based in Pointe Noire (Republic of Congo), is one of two regional maritime security centres...
Reunion G7++ à Bruxelles

GoGIN at G7++ FOGG (Friends of Gulf of Guinea)

Co-chaired in 2019 by France and Ghana, the G7 ++ (Friends of the Gulf of Guinea) met in Brussels on July 2, in a...

Pool of trainers initiated to YARIS, the maritime information sharing platform of Yaoundé architecture

From May 4th to 7th, approximately twenty participants (GoGIN team and ICC, CRESMAO, CRESMAC and ARSTM representatives) have been introduced and trained on the...
Team RETEX G-Dona 1 in Togo

Lessons learned from the arrest of G-Dona1 pirates by the Togolese forces

The capacity of the components of the Yaoundé Architecture (YA), primarily the States, to bring a stop to the most criminal actions, is part...
Opening of maritime security course at ISMI Abidjan

Maritime safety & security are learned at ISMI with the support of GoGIN

On 29 August in Abidjan, the ISMI (Interregional Maritime Safety Institute) started the course on maritime safety and security, developed with the support of...
Participants atelier pêche INN au Togo

Togo: Maritime agencies train to fight against IUU fishing

At the request of Togolese maritime stakeholders, GoGIN organized a training in Lomé, from 25 June to 3 July 2019, on the fight against...