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The Gulf of Guinea Inter-regional Network

Capacity Building Workshop on YARIS opens at ECOWAS MMCC zone F, Accra

The Director General, Ghana Maritime Authority, Mr Thomas Kofi Alonsi, in the presence of a number of dignitaries from the national and international...

Thomas Tarrade, a warm and enthusiastic colleague

Thomas Tarrade, who worked on the GoGIN project, passed away on May 25th 2020, at his home in l’Ariège, after 18 months of courageously battling...

African Maritime Security Forum, Dakar

The Africa Maritime Security Forum was held in Dakar from January 20th-22nd 2020 to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Senegal Navy. About twenty high ranking...

GoGIN amid the Friends of Gulf of Guinea (FOGG) G7++

The annual plenary meeting of the G7++ Friends of the Gulf of Guinea was held in Accra, Ghana on November 5-6 2019. Co-chaired by...

How naval forces can contribute to maritime stability and security?

Bertrand Demez, GoGIN project coordinator, attended the 12th Regional Seapower Symposium, organised by the Italian Navy within the Venice arsenal from October 15th to...

GoGIN is invited to the maritime security conference in Nigeria (GMSC)

The 2019 GMSC (Global Maritime Security Conference) took place from the 7 to 9 October 2019 in Abuja, Nigeria. Close to 80 countries and...

GoGIN supports the Directors of Yaounde Architecture regional centres

The coordinator Bertrand Demez and two regional managers, Eric Glotin and Christophe Girin, attended the Directors meeting of the 3 regional centres of Yaoundé...

Gambia: legal assessment mission

Marta Ribeiro, GoGIN legal expert, in association with Ousmane Diouf, UNODC legal expert seconded to CRESMAO, presented the preliminary report on the analysis of...
Remise rapport d'organisation du Cresmac

The GoGIN project supports the development of CRESMAC

CRESMAC (Regional Centre of Maritime Security in Central Africa), based in Pointe Noire (Republic of Congo), is one of two regional maritime security centres...
Team RETEX G-Dona 1 in Togo

Lessons learned from the arrest of G-Dona1 pirates by the Togolese forces

The capacity of the components of the Yaoundé Architecture (YA), primarily the States, to bring a stop to the most criminal actions, is part...