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Needs assessment

General methods

GoGIN proposes to the different countries of the Yaounde architecture to conduct, for their benefit, expertise missions for assessing their needs in terms of maritime security:

  • evaluations carried out as part of the exercises organized by the project, or the actual operations it supports: the analysis of actual operations and exercises is then the subject of a formal report including recommendations to improve maritime security;
  • national and global needs assessments: these needs assessments cover the entire spectrum of maritime security (fight against attacks at sea, against trafficking of all kinds, fight against illegal fishing, assistance to persons and vessels, fight against pollution), from governance to the implementation of resources, through training, exercise, maintenance … In practice, the evaluation team provides the country concerned with a synthesis document on the objective status of maritime security towards the strategy or the national ambitions which constitute the reference of the study. Where appropriate, this assessment includes recommendations to achieve the national objectives. These recommendations are of different kinds: organisational or methodological recommendations, recommendations for the acquisition of equipment, the setting up of training courses, etc.

Methods for comprehensive national needs assessments

The formal requests of the candidate countries are audited in liaison with the ICC and the corresponding CRESM (Regional Maritime Security Centre) to manage the priorities to be established according the project budget.

Needs assessment missions follow 4 phases:

  • a remote study of the organisation and the national strategy;
  • a field mission to complete the previous study (approximately one week);
  • the analysis and synthesis of the situation with regard to the national objectives: this document is submitted to the approval of the study’s beneficiary before starting the next phase;
  • the formulation of recommendations.

Note: The fact that GoGIN conducts a needs assessment does not imply that the project is committed to replying to those needs. If the budget allows it within its activities, GoGIN can take in charge certain points. Others will remain the responsibility of the study recipient or other partner initiatives to which they will be reported.