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TESS platform

The GoGIN project plans to develop an e-learning platform to improve the delivery of teaching and training in the 27 maritime centres of the Yaoundé Architecture (YA). The terms of reference were elaborated with the support of the Training Division of the ICC (Interregional Coordination Centre) responsible for coordinating capacity building activities within the Yaoundé Architecture. A first version of TESS (Training and Education Support System) was delivered by the EDISOFT-EDU Digital consortium in June 2020 and then tested by a mixed group of trainers (GoGIN and AY centres) between July and October 2020. Like any other e-learning platform, the structure and moderation of TESS relied on a dedicated organisation, with education coordinators defining the courses and/or training programs, and supporting teachers to conduct courses and training intended for the maritime community of Western and Central African States.

The development of TESS began at the onset of the COVID19 pandemic and has been pursued alongside the development of the YARIS information sharing platform.

However, the GoGIN project was led to suspend the deployment of TESS in November 2020 due to the following elements:

  • restrictions linked to the COVID19 pandemic delayed the implementation of the training program of the two platforms while the project was coming to an end;
  • the absence of an organisation dedicated to education and training within the YA. It should be noted that the director of the ICC’s Training Division left his duties at the beginning of 2020 and has not been yet replaced.

Due to this situation, priority was given to the YARIS platform, a core element of the information-sharing mechanism between maritime operational centres in the Gulf of Guinea countries.