CRESMAO strengthens its capacity to analyse maritime information via YARIS

21 Feb 2023

From January 17 to 19, 2023, a capacity-building workshop on the analysis of information and maritime surveillance via the YARIS platform (Yaounde Architecture Regional Information System) was held at CRESMAO headquarters in Abidjan. The workshop was facilitated by Christophe Deldique, Head of YARIS Operations from GoGIN+ project and Ruddy Goliele, YARIS expert of the Yaoundé Architecture, for the benefit of executives, operational and legal staff of the Centre (13 people).
Atelier sur l'analyse de l'information maritime au CRESMAO

Towards a database of vessels of interest

Together they have configured the YARIS system to automatically detect abnormal ship behaviour. They have interpreted the resulting maritime images, thus refining their threat assessment. They have started to build a database of vessels of interest which will facilitate the process of monitoring, control and surveillance of target vessels.

Following the three-day workshop, participants were able to appreciate the wide scope of YARIS potentialities, which should offer them real strategic insight in terms of maritime surveillance in the ECOWAS zone. CRESMAO’s public analysis reports are available on its LinkedIn page.

The GoGIN+ team will conduct later on a similar workshop with CRESMAC executives and operators in Pointe Noire.


L'équipe du CRESMAO participant à l'atelier sur l'analyse de l'information maritime


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