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13 Feb 2022

The full operational capability of YARIS was achieved on 29 September 2020. Since then, the system is completely available for real operations and fully meets the pragmatic needs of the Yaoundé architecture, including its operational organisation.

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The present YARIS network

The operational network of YARIS has been gradually developed since February 2021: 96% of the maritime centres of the Yaoundé architecture are connected after having received the courses to fully exploit the tool.

On 31 January 2022, 31 centres are connected to each other via the YARIS operational platform, which they use for national or multinational operations.

In the coming months, national administrations will be connected after receiving the appropriate training.

Training of national administrations

The training of national administrations in YARIS is therefore aimed to build a national YARIS network. It will allow each country to coordinate its administrations in the planning and the conduct of maritime safety and security operations, from routine to crisis situations. At the end of each national training session, the country’s YARIS network will be fully operational.

This training is aimed at various categories of staff depending on the organisation and specific needs of the whole, and of each administration:

⇒ Staff having to operate YARIS

1. Operational managers (staff who will manage information in YARIS and provide technical support – 10 days of on-site training preceded by 2 days of remote technical support training before the on-site training);

2. Operators (personnel who will perform basic tasks on YARIS to monitor integrated information systems and record data – 5 days of on-site training);

3. Analysts / Planners (staff who have to use YARIS data for further analysis and to establish patterns of action – 5 days on-site training);

4. Prosecutors (to allow them to ensure the correct application of the legal framework in operations, to advise operational authorities in real time where necessary, to extract from YARIS the information necessary to build their cases – 1 day of on-site training).

⇒ Executives (staff who give operational orders to the personnel who have to handle YARIS, for driving, analysis and planning – 2 days of on-site training).

⇒ YARIS managers (YARIS contact points supervising the tool in their centre or administration: access supervision, training and coaching of staff, feedback – 1-day on-site training).

⇒ YARIS trainers (distance instruction training, carried out after the in-situ training, for staff selected by the national authorities, for each of the above categories – 2 days distance training).

Standard training programme

The on-site training is carried out over a two-week period. It includes several modules, including hands-on work. The timetable is agreed between the training team and the national authorities.

Depending on the needs expressed by the national authorities, it can be followed (immediately or delayed) by a general exercise in order to boost the entire national maritime security chain from routine to crisis situations, and fully exploiting the capabilities of YARIS.

On-site training scheme


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