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Exercises & CRT

The Exercise component, complementary to the Training component, is designed to support the Yaounde architecture and aims to:

  • Harmonize procedures and information systems ;
  • Strengthen the skills required to combat maritime crimes ;
  • Strengthen know-how in all areas: piracy, IUU fishing, pollution, SAR, illegal trafficking, etc.
  • Strengthen the operationalization of the Yaoundé architecture centres.


The exercises are part of the legal (text) and judicial (implementation) framework of the countries and prioritize:

  • compliance with procedures;
  • preservation of evidence;
  • the capacity of handing over to the competent administration.

Exercises emphasizes teamwork, inter-agency coordination, and cooperation between countries.

Exercises and training are seen as a real investment, as is training, thereby strengthening the operationalisation of the centres.

Training-Operational Exercise module

GoGIN offers a “training / operational exercise” model that:

  • aims to adapt to all the needs of the structures of Yaoundé architecture;
  • is perfect for translating theoretical knowledge into practical know-how;
  • responds, in all departments, to the needs of executives as well as those of their teams;
  • will adapt to the technical evolution of the centres.

This module takes place for two weeks, according to the following phases:

  1. Phase 1: Training and workshops (one week)
  2. Phase 2: Preparation of the operation (one day)
  3. Phase 3: Progress of the operation and results (two days)
  4. Phase 4: Final discussion / Brainstorming (one day).

The topics covered by these exercises are jointly identified by the centres and the GoGIN team; as an example we can mention:

  • Oil spill pollution
  • IUU fishing
  • Navigation
  • Drug traffic
  • Search and rescue at sea
  • Internal organization.

The participants belong to the administrations and organizations involved in the topics of the exercise, with the aim of developing inter-agency cooperation at national and regional level.

Other exercises

The GoGIN project supports the participation of regional centres in international exercises led by the French Navy (Grand African Nemo and Megalops) and the US Navy (Obangame Express).

Digital platform

An IT tool will be developed in support of training and exercises as well as of human resources management (see TESS page).