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Training sessions

The Training component intervenes to support the architecture of Yaounde; it aims to:

  • Harmonize procedures and information systems;
  • Strengthen the skills needed to combat maritime crime;
  • Strengthen know-how in all areas: piracy, IUU fishing, pollution, SAR, illegal trafficking, etc.
  • Strengthen the operationalization of the Yaoundé architecture centers.

Methodology and targets

  • A bottom-up approach from the analysis of national needs
  • A variety of forms (academic training, short sessions, crisis management exercises, evaluations, working groups)
  • The development of training of trainers
  • The concern for the sustainability of skills and funding
  • Targets covering all the actors of the action of the State at sea:
    • Managers and operators of the Yaoundé architecture centres
    • Civil and military executives of national administrations (Navy, maritime affairs, police, fisheries, customs, justice, police, foreign affairs, environment ….).

Academic teaching

In collaboration with three regional universities: RMU (Accra), ARSTM / ISMI (Abidjan) and soon Faculdade de Engenharia e Ciências do Mar, Universidade de Cabo Verde.


  • Raise awareness and promote maritime culture within civil and military administrations
  • Make Yaoundé’s architecture centres operational.


Sessions of 2 months, including two modules of four weeks each (basic module: general knowledge of the maritime domain and methods and rules of navigation, module specific to the MEA, focused on the issue of maritime safety and security and maritime crisis management).

Short sessions

  • Following the demand of the Yaounde Architecture centres;
  • One week training followed when appropriate by an exercise;
  • Adapted practical training: IUU fishing, POLMAR, cyber security, MDA, SOP’s, Battle pace, etc.
  • Visualization and analysis of maritime data (under preparation).

Sharing tool

  • An IT tool will be developed in support of training and exercices as well as of human resources management (see TESS page).